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Katherine Burkinshaw CBT Therapist Hythe KentI am a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a CBT clinical supervisor for the NHS and in private practice. I work in central London and Kent. I occasionally lecture at UCL in CBT and addictions.

I have worked in primary and secondary care, NHS, mental health services and addiction for 20 years. I am experienced in using CBT to treat adults and young people who suffer from the full range of anxiety problems and depression. This includes mild to severe difficulties.

Although I use CBT as the main approach in the therapy, I use mindfulness, compassion focused and Gestalt techniques in my work.


My philosophy

000002 (1)Our experiences shape how we view ourselves, the world and other people. The beliefs we hold about ourselves can pop up on a regular basis throughout life, triggered by particular circumstances; or they can dominate our lives – steadily worsening depression or anxiety. These beliefs affect the choices we make and the way we behave in our lives, impacting on our work, relationships, family and future.

No matter how long problems have existed, CBT can help change and prevent future recurrence of them. By developing our awareness of the beliefs we hold and the way we respond to them, we can learn to challenge them and learn new ways of dealing with difficulties to bring about lasting emotional change.

Evidence shows people recover through using this powerful, focused, collaborative and problem solving approach.


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