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We all go thF1060036 2rough times when we feel we are not getting the most from our lives. We can get stuck attempting to solve our problems, finding ourselves in the same old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Often, we can feel simply overwhelmed with a sense that we just can’t manage or that despite our best efforts, we are stuck or lost.

We cope as best we can. What we may need, is a new map or signs to help us navigate ways back to feeling like our old selves.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is an evidence-based treatment which helps make sense of life’s problems. It doesn’t tell you the paths to take, but it does provide signposts so that you can learn to read the map: avoiding dead ends and preparing you for any difficult terrain ahead. You learn to read the map, so you can become your own best guide to navigate your way through life.

Unsure if CBT is for you?

Contact me to arrange a free, informal consultation to discuss whether or not CBT could help with the issues you would like to address.

Telephone: 07791848361


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